Center for Wellness

Programs from University Health Services

Fiscal Year End 2018 (FY18) Information

Harvard's fiscal year 2018 will end on Friday, June 30, 2018. As in the past, the University will close the books through a series of steps called "closings."

General Information

Contact information for the

Harvard Acronyms

University organizational names can be unwieldy, and Harvard students, faculty, and staff often reduce these names to abbreviations or acronyms for simplification.

Harvard Link

Link is a personalized dashboard for members of the Harvard community, starting with faculty, that empowers them to make new and smarter connections with other faculty, organizations, courses, events, and news across Harvard. Link's dashboard is also customized to make it easy to keep track of useful Harvard web links.

Harvard Faculty Club

Make a reservation for meeting space, events, or dining-in using a 33-digit billing code

Harvard Global Support Services

Tools and guidance that enable faculty, students, and staff to study, work, and research overseas

Harvard Trademark Office

Protect Harvard’s trademarks; to regulate the use of the trademarks on products sold under license from the University; and, after covering its operational expenses, to help support Harvard’s student-aid initiatives with royalties received from the sale of licensed products

Harvard University Campus Map

Interactive map of the University’s campuses

Harvard University Police Department

Report crime, hire security details for events

Harvard Websites A to Z


HOLLIS (library search)

Find library materials


Offers over 4,000 courses on Microsoft, Adobe, and Apple products, as well as business skills, computer programming and web design, audio and video tools, and more, all taught by industry experts


Emergency medical care and security evacuation services when traveling abroad

Office of the General Counsel

Harvard's lawyers

Outings & Innings

Discounts on recreational activities for Harvard faculty, staff and retirees

M2 Cambridge-Harvard Shuttle

Shuttle services from area public transit stops and off-site parking facilities. Inter-office shuttle services between members’ main campus locations and offsite offices


Service used by agencies, LLCs and corporations (not individuals) to receive electronic payments from the University

Risk Management & Audit Services

Assists University management in identifying, managing and mitigating risk


Administrative Systems eNews

Keep up with developments in Harvard's online administrative tools

Appointment and Promotion Handbook

Guide to appointing and/or promoting instructors (of any rank)


Hiring tool

Center for Workplace Development

Job training resources

Course Evaluations

Access course/Q evaluations

Edit Your Harvard Directory Information

Change your address, email, and adjust display/permissions preferences


Online admissions tool for administrators

Faculty Affairs

Faculty hiring, promotion, leave, and retirement; academic planning; and professional development

FAS Administrative Directory

Comprehensive directory of the FAS administration

FAS Human Resources

Information and tools related to employment at Harvard

FAS Staff Mobile Phone Policy (BYOP)

Ensures that approved employees have the right technology and/or device to support their work

FAS Registrar

Exams, courses, classrooms, and calendar of important dates

Harvard Training Portal Online Courses

A university‐wide user‐centric system to track and deliver job and compliance training content to Faculty, Students, Staff and Affiliates


Intranet for employees

Humanities Faculty Services

A variety of free services provided to faculty

Instructional Media Services

Recording and multimedia production services in support of teaching

International Office

Everything to do with non-U.S. citizen affiliates of Harvard

Job Postings (for internal candidates)

List of available staff positions at Harvard - internal candidates

Job Postings (for external candidates)

List of available staff positions at Harvard - external candidates

Job Postings (for faculty/academic jobs)

List of available academic positions at Harvard

Job Postings (for students)

The SEO's Database of on-campus and off-campus jobs


Free web site building tool available to faculty, graduate students and visiting scholars at Harvard


Portal for the Harvard community

Parking – One Day Permit

Obtain a one day permit for yourself or a guest of Harvard

Parking - Rates

A list of the rates available for parking on University-owned property


Report/track/approve working hours

Research Assistant (RA) Library Borrower's Card

Application to get a library card for RA's


Reporting Utility for FAS

Student Employment Office

Undergraduate and Graduate employment resource; jobs database, Federal Work-Study Program

System Access

The Applications Security (AppSec) group maintains security rights to applications that provide different levels of privileges to the user

Teleport--UIS Portal

Telecom login page for TORTE, DLUS, Directory Distribution, and MIDAS

Universal Course Catalog

Lists courses from all Harvard schools

WB Mason

Preferred vendor for office supplies



Academic Technology Group

Course websites and other uses of technology in teaching

Administrative Systems eNews

Keep up with developments in Harvard's online administrative tools


Manage/register network connections

Cross-Registered Student Computer Account Application Form

Request a student computer account for a cross-registered student

Departmental Email Account Request Form

Request a departmental email account by filling out form

Email Tools 

Mail forwarding, spam blocking, vacation messages, etc. for Office 365 

FASIT Stakeholders' Site

Resource for IT-oriented staff

Harvard Computer Sales

Purchase computers for work or home through Harvard

Harvard Mobile Web App

Access various Harvard resources from your mobile phone's browser

Mailing List for Faculty and Staff Request Form

Request a mailing list for FAS faculty and staff

Non-Appointment FAS Employee Email Account Application Form

Request an email account for a non-appointment FAS employee

Non-FAS Group Email Account Application Form

Request an email account for a non-FAS Group by filling out form

Office 365

Preferred email client in addition to file sharing services and the University's internal instant messaging

Office of the University CIO

Leads and facilitates technology programs in support of the teaching and research mission of the University

Secure File Transfer

Transmit sensitive or large files securely online

Software Downloads

Download free/licensed software provided by Harvard

Campus Map

Interactive map of the Harvard Campus

Equipment Transfer Letter

Authorization form for the disposal of equipment no longer in use

Facilities Maintenance Requests

Submit a request for maintenance work in your building

Guide to Harvard University Rental Facilities

Information on booking venues at Harvard

Reuse Programs and Resources

An online reuse list, move-out donation boxes, and a Recycling and Surplus Center.

Office of Physical Resources and Planning

Vendor and purchasing information


The University’s preferred and contracted vendors

Recycling Center



Room reservation system used to view or request many of the FAS classroom and meeting rooms

Telecom (Departmental)

Departmental telecommunications information through University Information Systems (UIS)


Comprehensive list of support documentation for administrative and financial applications

AP Forms and Exception Processes

A list of forms and processes used for special situations (e.g. Emergency Check Pick Up, Department of Homeland Security, Special Mailing, etc.)


Administrative Systems Assistance Program through the Office of Finance


The system is used to enter FAS TEMP/LHT appointments and search HR data. FAS is the only school that uses Aurora as the conduit to PeopleSoft.

Buy2Pay Supplier Portal Request a new supplier, or view supplier contact and payment information.

Chart of Accounts Validator

Check if a 33-digit billing code is valid

Check Inquiry Form

Have a check canceled and/or reissued

Commonly Used Object Code List

An abbreviated and editable list of frequently used object

Concur Harvard University’s Travel & Expense Reimbursement System

Corporate Card

Check a card's transaction history, cancel, disputes, etc.

Credit and Trade References


Credit Voucher

To deposit cash or checks to a 33-digit code

Crimson Cash

Harvard's in-house payment system for copies, food, etc.

Currency Converter

Convert single dollar amount into foreign currencies

Direct Deposit Form Start or stop direct deposit of your paycheck (can also be done online at PeopleSoft)

Employee Reimbursement/Corporate Card Form

For reimbursements and corporate card payments

FAS Office of Finance

Office governing financial policies/services specific to FAS


FAS Sponsored Accounts Reporting


FAS Effort Reporting System

Financial Applications

Links to Oracle, CREW, HUBS, Expedia, etc.

Financial Policies - Harvard

Comprehensive list of Harvard financial policies


Foreign National Information Form: Provide tax information for a foreign vendor or a new hire that is not a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident

HART Harvard Analytics and Reporting Tool (HART) is the university reporting platform including: financials, grants management, student financials, cash management, and procurement.

Harvard 501(c)(3) Status Letter

A letter that recognized the University as exempt from federal income tax

Harvard Affiliation Letter

A list of current faculties, schools, departments, and other institutions which constitute a part of the President and Fellow of Harvard College.

Harvard W-9

University's taxpayer ID number and certification


Employment eligibility verification (required for all new hires)

Journal Policy Summary

Instructions for submission and retention of journals

Journal Voucher Template

Transfer funds to another ORG


Tax withholding exemption certificate for Massachusetts

Missing Receipt Affidavit

Required for reimbursements/P-Card/CCpayments missing original receipts

Object codes

List of expense object codes

Office of the Controller

Harvard's central financial management resource

Non-Employee Reimbursement Form

Used when processing non-employee reimbursements


FAS Payroll Services

P-Card Policy - Harvard

General policies governing use of purchasing cards

P-Card Addendum - FAS

FAS guidelines governing use of purchasing cards

Per Diem Rates - Domestic

Official rates to use when reimbursing based on per diem

Per Diem Rates - Foreign

Official rates to use when reimbursing based on per diem

Petty Cash Log

Replenish a petty cash account

State Sales Tax Exemptions

List of states where Harvard is not charged tax

Reimbursement Addendum - FAS

Reimbursement guidelines specific to FAS

Reimbursement Policy - Harvard

Reimbursement policies covering all of Harvard

Responsibilities of Purchasers, Preparers and Approvers (ROPPA)

The policy defines and codifies the responsibilities of individuals who spend Harvard funds and who prepare and approve transactions

Tax Services

Tax Compliance and Reporting Contact List

Travel Expense Calculator

Convert and track multiple expenses from foreign to local currrency

Spending Policy - FAS

Rules for the use of Harvard funds (spending limits, etc.)

Supplemental Salary Form

Arrange for supplemental salary of on-leave faculty


Tax Withholding Allowance Certificate

Provost Criteria

Determine when Provost's office needs to be involved in grant submission

F&A Rates - Federal Sponsors

Indirect Cost Rates for Federal, University Area Rate Agreement, Harvard Principles for Applying Non-Federal Costs, Subcontracts

FAS Research Administration Services (RAS)

FAS Research Administration Support

Fringe Benefits Rates

direct, employee associated costs and must be included in the proposal budget 


University's system for tracking and reporting on sponsored grants

Harvard Policies and Guidelines for Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS) Researchers

A table that contains information about research policies with designated organizations or staff members who can provide clarification

Institutional Information Fact Sheet

This data is often requested by the sponsor to be inserted somewhere within the proposal.

Office for Sponsored Programs

Office for Sponsored Programs

Sponsored research, FAS Approvals

links to Dean's approval form, IRB, IACUC, ESCRO, Export Controls, and COMS